Week 8 at Be Healthy Active Central


  • Metafit™ – tomorrow’s new venue
  • MetaPWR™ – starts Monday 13 March 2017
  • Did you know?
  • RPE
  • Services and Products offered

Feel free to browse my website to familiarise yourself with it and / or use the links provided below to take you straight to where you need to be!!


Monday 27 February 2017 – we’ll be in the new part of Harrogate High School and in the Dance Studio in the Sports Centre. It’s actually just inside the front door entrance, but due to some technical issues, you’ll need to go round to the back entrance to get to the studio. Simply follow the yellow cones!

To book on all Metafit™ sessions, except Trinity Fitness – click here


Likely to be starting week commencing Monday 13 March 2017 on an alternating weekly basis. Timetable and booking forms will be updated in due course. Please remember that if you can do a Metafit session then you’ll be able to do a MetaPWR session…!


WebMD – pop quiz! How much do you know about your heart rate and exercise? click here to do the quiz

rpe-betterRate of Perceived Exertion – thought a chart of the RPE would be useful to help you understand where you should be aiming for during Metafit sessions.

You’ve heard me encourage you to have a break when you need to then do a few more seconds or reps during ‘work’ times. Why? Because you should targeting a RPE of 7-8 during a Metafit session, peaking at 9 -10 during the ‘work’ times in order to get the most out of every session.

Remember the rules of Metafit and your RPE

#1 NO HALF REPS – keep your form and technique 

#2 NO DANCING – don’t keep to the beat

#3 NO PACING – maximum effort!


Metafit™ – click here for more information

Metafit™ Costs and Offers – click here for more information

Metafit™ Clothing – click here for more information

Body Composition Analysis – click here for more information

Wheelie Fit – click here for more information

Physiotherapy –  click here for more information

Sports massage – click here for more information

Gelish much? – mobile nail technician, Abbie  will come to your home so you can get pampered without the journey. This’ll give you more time to exercise and look even better doing it! Gelish manicures or pedicures start at £15 and just £20 for a mani / pedi. Contact Abbie arrange an appointment.

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve any questions or suggestions.