Week 25 (part 2) at Be Healthy Active Central


  • Charity month
  • Why Meta PWR™ works!
  • MetaPWR™ and Metafit™ –   additional session, session schedule and cancellations
  • Services and Products offered

Feel free to browse my website to familiarise yourself with it and / or use the links provided below to take you straight to where you need to be!!


Week 4’s charity (final week) is for MS Society click here to donate or simply come to sessions.

101% of target has been reached in order to ‘Get Me Legs Waxed’ at the end of our charity month! Thank you so much for your donations to make sure happened! I would love a few more donations, so those of you that hadn’t got round to it yet click here to donate (donations to the Alzheimer’s Society)

£41.25 including Gift Aid was raised last week for week 3’s charity, Macmillan Cancer Support click here if you’d still like to donate.

How it works – 50p for every session you attend is donated to the charity of the given week (see below for details). Donations will need to be made in order to get me legs waxed! 😉


or H.I.I.R.T (High Intensity Interval Training)

1. Uses compound and multi-joint exercises

Compound movements use lots of muscle groups at once; multi-joint exercises use multiple joints. Both are typically full-body. The more muscles used at once, the greater the metabolic impact.

2. Limited rest periods

While we never rush through exercises or rest, we keep the flow of workout going. No more than 15-30 second rest breaks between exercises – usually just enough to catch your breath and grab a swig of water!

3. Only 20-25 minutes (excluding warm-up) 

Workouts are kept short and intense so you can maximise the amount of energy expenditure during the session and ensure fat burn after the workout whilst replacing the energy used.

4. A weighty challenge!

Meta PWR™ uses elements of resistance training. Using weights will build lean muscle and develop power meaning you will burn even more calories at rest. Since the rest periods are limited, you won’t be lifting as much as you might during a focused strength training session.  You are encouraged to use an effective, but safe level of resistance for your fitness level.



Additional session –  good news! From Friday 7th July, I will be running an additional session at Trinity Fitness Leeds at 6pm. Perfect for you to come along to on your way home from work and before you fully relax for the weekend!!

Session schedule – for next week it’ll be a ‘Week 2’ schedule of sessions click here to see what’s in store.

Cancellations – although rare, please remember that if you need to cancel a booked session less than 2 hours before it starts then charges will still apply. If you’ve paid for a block of sessions, then it will simply be deducted from that. If you PAYG, payment will be required at your next session.

To book on all Metafit™ sessions, except at Trinity Fitness (call them on 01132 837155) – click here


Metafit™ and MetaPWR™ – click here for more information

Metafit™ and MetaPWR™ Costs and Offers – click here for more information

Metafit™ Clothing – click here for more information

Body Composition Analysis – click here for more information

Wheelie Fit – click here for more information

Physiotherapy –  click here for more information

Sports massage – click here for more information

Shuffles Entertainment –  click here for more information

Gelish Gel Nails – mobile nail technician, Abbie,  will come to your home so you can get pampered without the journey. This’ll give you more time to exercise and look even better doing it! Gelish manicures or pedicures start at £15 and just £20 for a mani / pedi. Contact Abbie arrange an appointment.

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve any questions or suggestions.

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