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RPE LEVELS DURING HIIT (specifically Metafit / MetaPWR) SESSIONS

During any workout you will achieve / maintain a level of perceived exertion. A sprinter will probably get to a RPE of 10 in a race, whilst a long distance runner may stay around an RPE of 7-8 for most of a race.

In HIIT sessions, you should aiming to achieve a RPE of 9 / 10 during work periods in a session. If you can happily hold a conversation throughout a session then it’s simple, you ain’t working hard enough to maximise the benefits of this type of session!!


Some benefits of working towards a higher RPE include:

3. getting fitter faster. Two weeks of high-intensity interval training can improve aerobic capacity as much as 6-8 weeks of endurance training!

5. building and maintaining lean muscle. To get to the higher RPE you need to work your muscles harder!

6. being great for your heart – studies show that HIIT increases the flexibility and elasticity of arteries and veins better than continuous aerobic exercise. Because HIIT increases pressure demand on your blood vessels, they actually get a workout as well. According to one study, high-intensity interval training is not only safe, but also easier to tolerate than a more moderate workout in people with coronary artery disease.

HIIT (specifically Metafit and MetaPWR) sessions:

– are great for nearly everyone looking for general fitness, weight loss or sports specific programming.

– are varied and combine strength, plyometric, isometric and core exercises.

– are time efficient! They’re only around 30 minutes long. Who can’t give up 30 minutes,  2-3 times a week??

– are easier on your joints! Sessions are short and as long as you execute exercises with the correct technique there is less extended impact on your joints. As your joints (and bones) are getting a workout they’ll get stronger (denser) too!

– make you feel amazing!! Sessions aren’t easy, but when you’ve finished you’ll feel great. The endorphins will kick in and you’ll be ready to tackle anything the world throws at you!

– are easy to stick to. You’re getting some great health benefits; you’re not giving up too much time, you’re getting varied sessions and you feel amazing! Why wouldn’t you stick to that!



Session schedule – for next week it’ll be a ‘Week 1’ schedule of sessions click here to see what’s in store.

Cancellations – although rare, please remember that if you need to cancel a booked session less than 2 hours before it starts then charges will still apply. If you’ve paid for a block of sessions, then it will simply be deducted from that. If you PAYG, payment will be required at your next session.

To book on all Metafit™ sessions, except at Trinity Fitness (call them on 01132 837155) – click here


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Gelish Gel Nails – mobile nail technician, Abbie,  will come to your home so you can get pampered without the journey. This’ll give you more time to exercise and look even better doing it! Gelish manicures or pedicures start at £15 and just £20 for a mani / pedi. Contact Abbie arrange an appointment.

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