Week 36 at Be Healthy Active Central


  • 21 days – update 
  • MetaPWR™ and Metafit™ –  are you keeping it HIIT?, new session schedule and cancellations
  • are you following me??
  • 10 common ‘sugary’ breakfast choices – ranked
  • services and products offered

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Second week has gone really well. I’ve substituted a couple of the official workouts with Metafit or MetaPWR sessions, but mainly cos I love Metafit and MetaPWR workouts too! Meals still yummy and decent portion sizes! Week 3 I feel may be a bit more challenging….. workouts are longer still plus no carbs!! Bring it on!! 

I’m extremely excited that a further 8 people have also started their own challenges with me. I look forward to seeing their progress and results over the next few weeks!


Are you keeping it HIIT? – more and more people are describing any high interval or repetition session as HIIT.  It simply isn’t the case!!

True HIIT should be done to maximal effort (RPE 8 – 10) whilst doing it. The working out part of the sessions should never be longer than 20 – 25 minutes either. In theory, you should be unable to keep the level of intensity required for HIIT any longer than that. Even whilst doing the workout you should get to a point of failure at times i.e.  you cannot physically keep going for the time allocated for a particular exercise. You would also need a decent recovery period after each session for your body to sort itself out so no more than 3 sessions in a week.


Now there is HVIT (High Volume Interval Training) and VIIT (Variable Intensity Interval Training) where you’ll do a lot of reps and intervals and the breaks or intensity levels will vary. These sessions are great too, but true HIIT is aiming for MAXIMAL level throughout. Many are actually offering HVIT and VIIT sessions. Some are asking participants to perform at maximal levels for an hour at a time which, in my view, is dangerous! As HIIT is so widely known it’s an easier ‘sell’ too whereas the other two, not so much.

My advice to you – if the working out part of the session is longer than 20-25 minutes, do not go in with maximal effort in mind. Work hard, yes, but slow it down just a tad.

New session schedule – a reminder that the session schedule has changed to a full week of Metafit or MetaPWR sessions rather than the previous format.

For next week:IMG_6102

Cancellations – although rare, please remember that if you need to cancel a booked session less than 2 hours before it starts then charges will still apply. If you’ve paid for a block of sessions, then it will simply be deducted from that. If you PAYG, payment will be required at your next session.

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Greatist – ‘In a perfect world, you might start every day with a green smoothie, a bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit, or a protein-rich veggie scramble. But this is the real world, and things are a little different. Whether your sweet tooth just won’t quit and you can’t stop thinking about that gooey cinnamon bun, or you’re hungover AF, and there’s no way you can stomach oats… sugary breakfasts happen. And that’s OK. But if you’re trying to watch your sugar intake, some options are better than others. click here to check out the article.


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