Week 43 at Be Healthy Active Central


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  • challenge groups
  • 7 signs you’re exercising too much
  • Christmas break
  • MetaPWR™ and Metafit™ –  manly month end; session schedule and cancellations
  • services and products offered

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Claim 1 free Metafit or MetaPWR session (except Leeds Trinity Fitness sessions) – add YOFREE17 in the comment box when you book a session. click here to book (offer ends 12 November 2017)


The next challenge starts on Monday 13 November 2017….. people that have taken part so far have lost 3lbs – 14lbs over the 21 days; lost cms around their body; gained fitness levels and energy levels have greatly improved too!!    JOIN ME – simply contact me to find out more and / or sign up! 

FOR ME – starting week 6 tomorrow. Really enjoying this challenge, it’s a long journey but sticking to it


When it comes to healthy habits, too much of a good thing can backfire, and that applies to exercise as well. While most people suffer from lack of exercise, once you get going, it can be addictive and some people do end up exercising too much — either by exercising too intensely, and/or too frequently click here to read the Peak Fitness article


This year the Christmas break will run from (and including) Saturday 23 December 2017 and will resume on Monday 8 January 2018


Manly month ends – Manly month ends on Tuesday 31 October. Don’t miss it! If you are a man coming to Metafit or MetaPWR sessions during the month you will be entitled to a free session! This is for existing and new Metafittees. So tell a friend, bring a friend, bring your partner or husband. Share the news!

Ladies – don’t forget that if you bring a new person to a session you will also get a free session – anytime!

Session schedule – for next week:


Cancellations – although rare, please remember that if you need to cancel a booked session less than 2 hours before it starts then charges will still apply. If you’ve paid for a block of sessions, then it will simply be deducted from that. If you PAYG, payment will be required at your next session.

To book on all sessions, except at Trinity Fitness (call them on 01132 837155) 



Metafit™ and MetaPWR™ – click here for more information

Metafit™ and MetaPWR™ Costs and Offers – click here for more information

Metafit™ Clothing – click here for more information

Body Composition Analysis – click here for more information

Wheelie Fit – click here for more information

Physiotherapy –  click here for more information

Sports massage – click here for more information

Shuffles Entertainment –  click here for more information

Gelish Gel Nails – mobile nail technician, Abbie,  will come to your home so you can get pampered without the journey. This’ll give you more time to exercise and look even better doing it! Gelish manicures or pedicures start at £15 and just £20 for a mani / pedi. Contact Abbie arrange an appointment.

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