A personal service – you’re working with a contactable coach and that wants you to succeed

Detailed meal guides for you to use – personalised for you, created by Registered Dieticians including a shopping list, recipes and portion guides

Personal weekly check ins helping you keep accountability

Live and on demand workouts for you to do – great fun with variations if needed

Education – help to understand the types of food available and quantities you should be eating, useful tips, newsletters and recipes to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle

Access to a private Facebook group – for you to share stories, hints and tips and to be part of the Be Health Active community

Confidence – in yourself as you find out how simple a healthy lifestyle is to achieve and maintain

Guaranteed success!! – if you follow the programme or your money back!


A guilt mechanism! – don’t stress if you stray off track a bit. Know that the structure is there to help you

The provision of basic generalised meal guides – you have 21 categories to choose from and 1,000s alternative options to choose from

A cookie cut package offer – your meal guides are created based on height, weight, age, gender and activity levels

Just a sale  – weekly check ins to see how you’re getting on. we work together to make sure you achieve your goals

Not guaranteed – a one size fits all package with no personal contact or accountability couldn’t possibly guarantee success 🧐


There are 21 categories of meal guides available created by Evolution Nutrition’s Registered Dieticians (RD) in accordance with the standards and philosophies adopted by the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (AND), the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), and other professional industry organisations.

The food in in the meal guides come from the USDA database and is independently verified by a third party. Additional foods come from university tested clinical research and their data represents the median values taken from several research sources (average of many clinical studies for a particular food and nutrient profile). The database is used extensively in university research and is continuously validated for accuracy.

The system generated recommendations / meal guides come from proprietary algorithms, based on the latest sports science research and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ (formerly the American Dietetics Association) gold standards. The meal guides are created in increments of 250 calories and the system used matches the calorie recommendation calculated with the closest sets of meal guides both above and below this level. You can then select the meal guide you would like to follow.

The formulas used to calculate the recommendations / meal guides are derived from a foundation of physical & personal characteristics (height, weight, age, gender, etc.) and then adjusted according to your Average Daily Activity level or exercises performed. If the Average Activity Level information provided is input as a 5, or “High,” the impact that has on the calculations can create recommendations that may be accurate, but also appear to be high in calorie intake.

By default, the system bases its recommendations / meal guides on average calories per day as input by you. If that input is incomplete or very low, the system will recommend 1,200 calories – but never lower. That value is the minimum level of calories for any age group recommended by the USDA, AND, and other leading organisations that set standards in the industry.

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We do HIIT workouts which are short and intense workouts. The classes (live and online) are no longer than 45 minutes including the warm up and cool down (the workouts are generally around 20 minutes). The on demand workouts vary from 10 minutes to 25 minutes. The workouts can include the use of an aerobics step or resistance band.

You are encouraged to start at your own pace, take breaks and use the variations on offer.


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