When are you less likely to skip a workout or not stick to your healthy eating plan?

A. You have no one to work out with and no one will know (or care) if you don’t do it or stick to the plan. 

B. You have no one to work out with, but several others, who will be completing the same workout or meal plan, are expecting you to do it and stick to the plan.

I would assume most of you would say ‘B’ because accountability works! You wouldn’t want to be the only one missing the workout or not sticking to the healthy eating plan!!

So why not join my habit builders?


3 June 2019

Fitness + Nutrition + Support = a Healthier YOU!

You’ll get all four in this 21 day habit builder – get the results you’ve always desired.

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What you get during your habit builders:

  • full access to 100s of different workout programmes created by fitness experts
  • full access nutritionist created healthy eating plans
  • full support from me and others doing the habit builders

The +’s

  • you will be accountable, be motivated and most of all…. have fun!!
  • no need to worry about scheduling or rescheduling PT sessions, getting to the gym or gym classes, all workouts can be done at home!
  • you can work round your existing fitness commitments too!
  • access the workouts on your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • it’s low cost (from £39 for 3 months access)
  • you will lose weight, lose centimetres, gain energy, gain fitness levels!!  (results can vary, you must give 100% to get results)

Why wouldn’t you be interested?  Get in touch to find out more….. contact me