• The meal plan is more of a guide to help you understand the types of foods you are able to eat and how much of each.
  • The closer you are able to stick to the the plan (remember these are created by registered dieticians) the better the results are likely to be
  • The meal plan is NOT a guilt mechanism! Don’t stress if you stray off track a bit. Know that the structure is there to help you.
  • Listen to your body, if you’re hungry all the time then it may need to be looked at again. We’ll discuss this in our weekly catch up.
  • It’s not set in stone, if you’re down to have 3 meals a day at 7am, 12noon and 6pm, but eat your meals over 5 sittings during a day, that’s ok. Make a note of how you felt and if any changes are worth making.
  • Feel free to experiment, if you want to swap to a different vegetable on a day, then swap it. Try and keep it to a similar type and portion size if you can though.